sell internet download manager key

Internet DownLod manager of the most important
programs to speed up loading and file sharing
According to statistics and awards obtained which needs no introduction
When you purchase a key to the original through Iraq shop
You will get the following benefits after registration: - on a single
computer for any purpose license to use - some extra features not available
in the beta version such as Download Accelerator internal to accomplish the
task - download performance at full speed - no restrictions for the use of
the program, such as those found in the beta version - priority in technical
assistance - a free upgrade to all new versions of the program within one
year - you will support the development of the program to make it more
advanced and better program for download

 Important Information
Before you get the original key of Iraq shop you must remove the old version of the previous program of fully computer and delete any other program preferably
Then restart the Computer
Then go to the program site and download the latest version from the following link
After installing it fully open the program and go to Join
And write the correct information and the key and the program will be licensed with your name
And updatable as you like
And prevents sending the key to anyone else
Otherwise the account will be suspended from the company
Because it is contrary to the agreements

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Note: payment cards (Zain) - (Asiacell) every 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD In cash,
Because the mobile office buy all 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD

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