sales DixiPay card

Now Iraq shop offers you cards famous Dixpay and charged and complete several classes Note we can ship the card sold through Iraq shop for any amount required by the customer Dixpay is a system for electronic payment serves to provide electronic wallet for individuals Through which shopping and pay bills and transfer funds won in Omantam using the Internet, In addition to providing e-payment gateways to connect the commercial sites and even provide service to its customers and a means of payment Easy and Omnaabr Internet free of risk and you can add to your account balance through the card itself in the site Shopping Security on the Internet from sites that accept payment by Dixie Bay or MasterCard

 Note: We send details of Dixpay card to the customer after payment as data on email or mobile within 12 hours
You can request shipping any card is purchased from a shop when Iraq Contact Us

  • Order now Card charged Dixpay 10 $ Price $ 15


  • Order now Cards charged Dixpay 30 $ price 42 $


  • Order now Card Dixpay charged $ 50 price 67 $


  • Order now Card charged Dixpay 100 $ price 126 $


  • Order now Card Dixpay charged $ 300 Price $ 370


Note: payment cards (Zain) - (Asiacell) every 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD In cash,
Because the mobile office buy all 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD

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