Amazon Card

 How It Works

I - after registering on the site Amazon ® by clicking on the word "My Account" and at the top of the page, will be asked to enter your email address, such that either you create your account if you have an account already, or you have to create a new account with them ..
II - to use cards to buy Amazon ®, you have to enter the code card given to you and click on "Apply" and note that it can repeat this step more than once if you buy multiple cards and then the pressure on the continuation of "Continue" to complete the payment process.
III - unused balance will remain in your account and you can use later to buy other products.
IIII - You must enter your address properly and accurately to ensure that product to you.
IIIII - card can be used to buy it in Amazon ® U.S. only and can not be used on other sites.





Note: payment cards (Zain) - (Asiacell) every 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD In cash,
Because the mobile office buy all 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD

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