Dye jokes dye rooms Paltalk accounts from Iraq shop

Paltalk of the largest programs chat in the world , It offers high quality audio and Video Iraq shop offers you this service and are ready to dye your accounts color And the time available in a Iraq shop and dye rooms And Charge points

Important Notes
- Dye guaranteed And we pay Direct from Paltalk company
- Global dye
- You know the answer to your secret before dye because Paltalk may be requested from you after Dye
- After completion of the payment and request color, gift or rum Will meet the order between 10 hours And a maximum of 48 hours





  • Order NowPaltalk Violet 6 Months Price $150


  • Order NowPaltalk Violet one year price $230









  • Order NowDye Green room 100 user price 445$




Note: payment cards (Zain) - (Asiacell) every 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD In cash,
Because the mobile office buy all 10000 IQD = 8000 IQD

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