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Greetings to you all
I am Hassan Saadi distributor cashU in Iraq and the site manager shop Iraq

The site is to serve you and to deliver what is in the online world of different items and new technology to you And very easy ways to pay and you're sitting in front of your computer.

Whether you are inside Iraq or outside Iraq .. And buy from us safely and all on-site Mamugod goods

Is the legitimacy of our sources and sites of origin of goods

Keep up with you on a daily basis around the clock, either by mail or phone shop proclaimed in Iraq

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From inside Iraq

 First: anyone inside Iraq to can pay by card (Zain) - (Asiacell) and choose any commodity required regardless of the value and will respond to it.

Payment in cash or one of our branches in Iraq
You can view and our agents through the following link

Second:remittances office after the agreement with me by telephone
Or via email is available in shop Iraq

Third: bank transfer to our account in Bank of Baghdad

From outside Iraq

 First: We accept payment from any country by cards CashU or liberty or Web Money for any other product available in Iraq Sope and the details you will receive the mail after choosing the product.

Second: We accept bank transfer to our account at the Bank of Baghdad, Iraq from any country in the world.

Iraq shop is always at your service, shopping with us and will never regret

Mr. Hassan Saadi distributor CashU supported Iraq in the Iraq shop manager

Best Regards
Support Team

Please use the phone to speed up the sales process
009647710068845 - 009647812435918

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